Establishment of the School Farm



Agriculture can’t be learned solely from a textbook. Our 80-acre Kenyatta University Teaching & Research Farm Unit, more commonly known as the K.U Farm, is so important to our educational programs. The farm was established and became fully operational in 2014. The Farm is situated 3 KM off Thika Superhighway opposite Kenyatta University Main Campus. This farm supports teaching, research, and outreach activities of the School of Agriculture. The K.U Farm is the place where our students literally get their hands dirty putting into practice the concepts they learn in the classroom. Current enterprises at the K.U Farm include maize, cabbages, spinach, kales, cattle, fish ponds, goats, sheep, pigs and rabbits.
The School farm has two (2) greenhouses and is also expecting to establish more greenhouses boost teaching, learning and research in the school. The establishment of the School Farm is a major milestone for the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development. The three(3) departments in the School namely: Department of Agricultural Science and Technology (AST), Department of Agricultural Resource Management(ARM) and Agribusiness Management and Trade (ABMT) will greatly benefit and fulfill their mandates in training competent leaders in Agriculture who can meet the rapidly changing market demands in this crucial sector. The farm provides benefits to the University community as well. The harvest from the K.U Farm is sold to the University staff at competitive and subsidized prices therefore generating income for the University farm.

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