Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management and Trade )

Entry Requirement
  • In addition to meeting the University entrance requirements of overall C+ at KCSE or equivalent, candidates for admission to the B. Sc. Agribusiness Management and Trade programme are required to have obtained a minimum of C+ in Mathematics and in two of the following combinations: Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture or Geography, and Economics or Business Studies and Physical Science.
  • Grade C in KCSE or its equivalent and two-year (minimum) Diploma with a credit in Agriculture, commerce, Accounting, Economics, farm management, Agribusiness or any other  discipline from an Institution recognized by Kenyatta University Senate.
Duration of Study and Degree Pattern
  • The Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management and Trade programme will take four academic years of two semesters each
  • In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management and Trade), a candidate must have completed at least 49 units.
  • In addition to the 3 university common units, students in the first year of study must take the 2 units offered in the Department, 2 school common (KCU) and five other prescribed units, 
  • In the second year of study, student must take the 3 school common units, 4 units offered in the department, and other 5 prescribed units 
  • In the third year of study  student will be required to take 5 prescribed units in addition to the 8 units offered in the department.
  • In the fourth year of study, the student shall be required to take all the 11 units  offered in the department and 1 prescribed unit 
The degree to be awarded is designated: Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management and Trade).

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