Research Publications

Date Issued
2009 Economic Opportunities for Women and Youth in the Mara Catchment.   Caleb Mireri and Dekha Sheikh
2009 Determinants of the decision to adopt integrated soil fertility management practices by smallholder farmers in the central highlands of Kenya Experimental Agriculture, 45:61-75 Mugwe JN, Mugendi DN, Mucheru-Muna M, Merckx R, Chianu J and Vanlauwe B
2009 Mulch amount and placement effects on soil conservation, nutrients and wheat yield in a humid Kenyan highland J Trop. Agric. Danga, B.O and I.C. Wakindiki
2009 Legume-Wheat Rotation Effects on Residual Soil Moisture, Nitrogen and Wheat Yield in Tropical Regions. Advances in Agronomy J. 101: 315-349. Danga, B.O., J.P. Ouma, I.I.C. Wakindiki and A. Bar-Tal
2009 Adoption potential of selected organic inputs for improving soil fertility in the central highlands of Kenya (Agroforestry Systems, 7   Mugwe JN, Mucheru-Muna MM, Mugendi DN, Kung'u JB, Bationo A and Mairura
2009 Assessment of genetic variation of selected spiderplant (Cleome gynandra L.) morphotypes from western Kenya. African Journal of Biotechnology 8 (18): 4325-4332 K'Opondo, F. B. O. Rheenen, H. A. and. Muasya, R. M.
2009 The food situation in Kenya   P. Mbataru
2009 THE COFFEE CRISIS ; Old interests, new interests and illlusions of development   P. Mbataru
2009 Inter-relationship between Market Structure, Conduct and Performance of Cut Flowers: A Case Study of Uasin Gishu District, Kenya. Journal of Research in Agriculture Paper No. JRENG-2008-WO-30 Ndunda, E.N., Muasya, R.M. and Mulinge, R.

Crop yields responses to application of organic and inorganic soil inputs under on-station and on-farm trials

Experimental Agriculture,45:47-59 Mugwe JN, Mugendi DN, Kung'u J, Mucheru-Muna M

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