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The Department of Agribusiness Management & Trade is one of the three departments in the newly created School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development (SAED). The Department is currently offering a Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management and Trade) degree to students who are being prepared to be managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs in the agribusiness, food and trade sectors. The programme is specially designed to prepare students for careers in management related to agriculture, food, agribusiness, trade, rural and allied sectors of the economy. The programme is special compared to other agribusiness management programmes in that it is firmly rooted in a “management” culture and proficiency as opposed to either technical or economic – based backgrounds and cultures, present in other programmes.
Two Master of Science Programmes are offered in the Department – MSc. Agribusiness and MSc. Agricultural Economics

The Department is located on the Third floor of the new Arts Complex (Christened the ‘twin towers’) next to the computer centre and the students’ centre. Our office number is AC Room 3025.



Research Activities
Academic members of staff engage in a number of research activities covering the following broad themes:-

      • Agribusiness Supply/Value Chain Analysis and Management
      • Agricultural marketing
      • Assessment of Efficiency of Agricultural markets
      • Econometric modeling
      • Livestock Economics
      • Collective marketing
      • Market Innovation

Members of staff in the Department have won competitive Research grants from the following organizations among others:-

      • IFPRI 2020 Vision Network for East Africa – to carry out research on “The Role of Infrastructure and Government Policies in Influencing the Efficiency of the Maize Marketing System in Kenya”.
      • SIDA – to carry out research on “The millennium Development Goals and the African Food Crisis”.
      • EU-EDULINK – to write a regional Ph.D. programme on Agricultural and Rural Innovation Studies (ARIS).
      • SIDA – to carry out research on “Food Distribution within Family Based Networks.”
      • SIDA-SAREC VicRes initiative – to carry out research on “An Investigation into the Poverty-Environmental Degradation Nexus: A Case Study of Selected Watersheds in the Lake Victoria Basin.”
      • HAAGRIM: Involves exchange of staff and students for capacity building in Agriculture

Future Plans

Future Plans

Future plans
The Department is developing Course-work curricula in order to improve the competency of our Ph.D training. The areas of specialization will include:

  • Agribusiness
        • Farm Business Development
        • Trade and Development
  • Agricultural Economics
        • Agricultural Trade and Policy
        • Agriculture and Rural Development
        • Environment and Natural Resource Management
        • Agribusiness Management

Curricula for two undergraduate programs undergoing review to be ready for launching in September 2015

      • BSc. Agricultural Economics
      • Diploma in Agriculture and Food Marketing

Other plans include strengthening and expanding our links/partnerships with Agribusiness institutions and firms. We already have in place a fruitful collaboration with local seed companies.
The Department is expanding its network and already tapping the opportunities in the provision of technical training in Agribusiness Management.


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