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The department of Agricultural Resource Management was established in 2007 under the School of agriculture and Enterprise development and offers degrees leading to Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. The mission of the department is to train and produce scientists equipped with knowledge and multi-disciplinary research skills necessary for devising innovative and practical solutions to multiple and complex challenges in agricultural resources management and in dryland ecosystems. The main objectives of the department are to train and equip students with knowledge and skills to enable them identify, address, evaluate and advise confidently on the contemporary issues and challenges affecting agricultural development. In this regard, we intend to produce broad and focused cadre of competent and dependable managers in animal resource, land, water and soil fertility; trainers in secondary, university and other institutions of higher learning; and researchers in agricultural resources management. Of late there is demand of this cadre in the banking industry.

Teaching Resources
• Science laboratories are available in the department or related departments.
• Internet facilities are available for research, communication and accessing online information resources.
• Teaching methods include lectures, powerpoint presentations, practicals and field work.
• Resources are also sourced from other institutions where Memorandum of understanding has been signed, for example, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute,



Undergraduate Programmes
The department has three bachelors’ degree programmes, and all have regular students already enrolled and learning.
These programmes are:

1. B.Sc. Agricultural Resource Management
2. B.Sc. Animal Production and Health Management
3. B.Sc. Dryland Agriculture and Enterprise Development

4. BSc Agricultural Education and Extension

Postgraduate Programmes

Agricultural Resource Management runs popular postgraduate programs that have attracted students from the region including Sudan, Rwanda, Mozambique, DR Congo
The postgraduate programs are:

1. MSc Integrated Soil Fertility Management
2. MSc Land and Water management 
3. MSc Dryland Agriculture

4. MSc Animal Nutrition and Management
5. Ph.D. in Integrated soil fertility management
6. Ph.D. in Land and Water Management

There are other Postgraduate programs being developed that include programs in Aquaculture. We are also in the processes of establishing additional laboratories and farm facilities for both research and training.

  • All Programs aim at providing specialized skills to enable graduates work in specialized fields.
  • The programs are designed with cross cutting courses such as information technology, enterprise development, integrated research for development etc, 
  • Duration of the Bachelors programmes is four years and cover 56 courses with 7 every semester while those of Msc is two years and PhD three years.
  • Programmes are flexible allowing students to combine the departmental courses with those offered in other sister departments, and also to benefit from the university core units.
  • All the programs are offered by regular, IBP, Digital School and the study is by course work, CATS, Practicals, projects and written examinations.



Staff and staff development
The department has a team of experienced full time staff who have competencies in training and research in the following broad areas;
• Soil fertility management,
• Animal production and health Management,
• Animal Nutrition and Feeding,
• Aquaculture and Fisheries,
• Agricultural resources management,
• Agricultural modelling,
• Agro-forestry, Irrigation and Water harvesting management
• Biometry and Research methodologies

Currently the department has five well-trained and qualified staff ranging from Lecturer to full Professor all with PhDs.

Research Science and Technology:
Research areas mainly focus on the management of Soil fertility, Soil management, Dryland management, Agro-forestry, Livestock production and fish farming under the current Economic Stimulus Programme. There is also interest in nutrient and crop modeling, and Organic matter management.

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