Title/Qualifications: Dr
Agribusiness Management and Trade
Contact Address:
P.O.Box 614-00606, Westland
Position: Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Agricultural Economics/ Impact assessment
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  • Dr. Nigat, 2011, Integrated Pest Management Training and Information Flow among Smallholder Horticultural Farmers in Kenya, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, CABI, ISBN 978-1-8459-3649-5-2011,p.243-261
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Conference Presentations

  • Dr. Nigat, Integrated Pest management (IMP) training and information Flow among smallholder horticulture farmers in Kenya presented at Humberg, Germany.
  • Dr. Nigat, Integrated Pest management (IMP) training and information Flow among smallholder horticulture farmers in Kenya presented at CapeTown, South Africa.
  • Dr.Nigat, The role of social capital in adoption of IPM technologies presented at Nairobi , Kenya.


  • Research fellow 2007-2011 PhD research Fellow DAAD/ ICIPE
  • Researcher 2005-2006 Research Assistant DIFID/ILRI
  • Researcher 2002 Research Assistant AU IBAR