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The Dean, SAED Prof. Bernard Njehia (in tie) with ABI-ORGANIC AGRICULTURE team ; from right , Mr. & Mrs. Ahtur Ammi, Ms. Ann , Ms. Daniella and SAED staff (from left to 3rd left) Dr. Korir, Dr. Samita & Dr. Muui during a courtesy call to Dean, SAED on 23 rd October,2019, during the KUBRIC conference.
SAED’S members of staff presents a gift to SAED’s former Dean Prof. Waceke Wanjohi and her family during an Appreciation Ceremony on 4th October, 2019 in her honor for having served the School as the Dean for eight years (2011-2018)
SAED’s members of staff, former Dean, SAED Prof. Waceke Wanjohi, her family members and friends in a group photo during an appreciation Ceremony on 4th October 2019 held in her honor, having served the School of Agriculture as the Dean for eight years (2011-2018)
The Vice Chancellor, Kenyatta University, Prof. Paul Wainaina (center), H.E the Deputy Governor, Kitui County Dr. Gideon Wanthe Nzau (right) and Donkey Project Principal Investigator Dr. Purity Nguhiu goes through Brook East Africa Banner during the project’s inauguration Ceremony at Kitui Campus on 26th September,2019. The Donkey Project is being implemented by Kenyatta University’s SAED in partnership with Brook East Africa.
Permanent Secretary, State Department of Crop Development and Agricultural Research , Prof. Hamadi Boga addressing SAED staff and Postgraduate students during the inaugural Distinguished and Expert Seminar Series (DESS) on 23rd September, 2019 at BSSC. The seminar theme was on “Strategic Agricultural for Kenya’s Development Agenda”.

Prof.Lucy W. Kabuage

Title/Qualifications: Ph.D
Department/Unit/Section: Agricultural Resource Management
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844-00100, NAIROBI, KENYA.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel.: 254-20-8710901/9; Ext. 3634
Position:Associate Professor
Research Interests:
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Publications in Refereed Journals

  • M.I. Lengarite, P.N. Mbugua, C.K. Gachuiri and L.W. Kabuage, 2012. Mineral status of Sheep and Goats Grazing in the Arid Rangelands of Northern Kenya, Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 11 (4): 383-390, 2012 ISSN 1680-5194
  • L. O. Okitoi, L. W. Kabuage, R. W. Muinga and M. S. Badamana, (2009). The performance response of scavenging chickens to nutrient intake from scavengeable resources and from supplementation with energy and protein. Livestock Research for Rural Development. 21(10) 2009.
  • Okitoi L O, Kabuage L W, Muinga R W and Badamana B S 2009. Intake of nutrients from scavengeable resources by scavenging chickens supplemented free choice with protein and energy. Livestock Research for Rural Development. 21(12) 2009.
  • Okitoi L O, Kabuage L W, Muinga R W and Badamana B S 2009. Diet composition and nutritional contribution of food scavenged by indigenous chickens in Western Kenya. Livestock Research for Rural Development. Vol 21, Article # 92.
  • L.O.Okitoi, L.W.Kabuage, R.W Muinga, E.A.Mukisira and M.S.Badamana. 2008. Nutrition and feeding strategies for indigenous chickens in extensive management systems-a review. E.Afri. agric. for.J. (2008)74 (2)59-69
  • Ng’ang’a, P.N., Jayasinghe, G., Kimani, V., Shililu, J., Kabutha, C., Kabuage, L., Githure, J., Mutero, C. (2009). Bed net use and associated factors in a rice farming community in central Kenya. Malaria Journal, 8:64.
  • Ng’ang’a, P.N., Shililu, J., Jayasinghe, G., Kimani, V., Kabutha, C., Kabuage, L., Kabiru, E., Githure, J., Mutero, C. (2008). Malaria vector control practices in an irrigated rice agroecosystem in central Kenya and implications for malaria control. Malaria Journal 7: 146.
  • Kiarie, E.G., Kabuage, L.W., Gitau, G.K., Wakhungu, J.W. and Mutero, C.M. (2006). Livestock and their role in Mwea Irrigation Scheme in Kenya. Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa, 54, 110-117.
  • Mutero, C.M., Kabutha, C., Kimani,V., Kabuage, L.W. et al (2004). Transdisciplinary perspective on the links between malaria and agro-ecosystems in Kenya. Acta Tropica. Special Issue on Malaria and Agriculture, Vol. 89, Issue 2, Jan 2004.
  • Kabuage, L.W., Mbugua, P.N., Mitaru, B.N., Ngatia, T.A. and Schafer, K. (2002). Effect of fortifying amaranth diets with amino acids, casein and ethylene diamine tetraacetate on broiler performance, amino acid availability and mineral utilisation. South African Journal of Animal Science, 32 (2): 144-153.
  • Kabuage, L.W., Mbugua, P.N., Mitaru, B.N. and Ngatia, T.A. (2002). Effect of steam pelleting and inclusion of molasses in amaranth diets on broiler chicken performance, carcass composition and histopathology of some internal organs. Published by FAO-AGRIPPA Peer Reviewed Electronic Journal on 16/5/2002.

Papers Presented at Conferences and Workshops

  • Kabuage, L.W. 2012: ‘An analysis of indigenous chicken value chain in Makueni’; Accepted abstract for paper to be presented at the ‘8th Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nairobi, Biennial Scientific Conference in April 25-28, 2012 at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi.
  • Kimani, V. and Kabuage, L.W. (2011): Agro-Ecosystem Options and Constraints: A Community Based Approach to Health and Development in Mwea. Paper presented at workshop organized by ‘African Institute for Health and Development’/IDRC on 4-5 Nov 2011 at Sarova Panafric Hotel, Nairobi.
  • Kanyari, P and Kabuage, L.W. (2011): Developing reforms for promoting ASAL communities in drought mitigation and maximization of livestock resources for improved livelihoods through strategic linkages: Beef and Indigenous Chicken Value Chains. Paper and Poster presented at the ‘KAPAP CGS Collaborative Research Projects Launch Workshop, 24th – 26th August 2011, at KARI Headquarters.
  • Lengarite, M., P.N. Mbugua, C.K. Gachuiri and Kabuage, L.W. (2011): Mineral status of sheep and goats grazing in the rangelands of Northern Kenya. Presented in Agro 2011 Biennial Conference held at University of Nairobi, 26-28 Sept 2011.
  • Wahome, M. , Mbugua, P.N. and Kabuage, L.W. (2011): Evaluation of small holder poultry production and its contribution to household income and nutrition in Kiambu West District. Presented in Agro 2011 Biennial Conference held at University of Nairobi, 26-28 Sept 2011.
  • Kabuage, L.W. (2011): ‘Enhancing Indigenous Chicken Value Chain for higher productivity and biosecure products in Makueni’. Proposal developed at the KAPAP full Proposal Development Training Workshop held at EAST College Embu, 13-19 Feb 2011.
  • Okitoi L O, Kabuage L W, Muinga R W and Badamana B S, 2011. Nutritive value of some locally available non-conventional feedstuffs for poultry in Western Kenya. Paper presented at the Animal Production Society of Kenya Symposium, 19th-21st April 2011 at Kitale Club, Kitale.


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