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The Dean, SAED Prof. Bernard Njehia (in tie) with ABI-ORGANIC AGRICULTURE team ; from right , Mr. & Mrs. Ahtur Ammi, Ms. Ann , Ms. Daniella and SAED staff (from left to 3rd left) Dr. Korir, Dr. Samita & Dr. Muui during a courtesy call to Dean, SAED on 23 rd October,2019, during the KUBRIC conference.
SAED’S members of staff presents a gift to SAED’s former Dean Prof. Waceke Wanjohi and her family during an Appreciation Ceremony on 4th October, 2019 in her honor for having served the School as the Dean for eight years (2011-2018)
SAED’s members of staff, former Dean, SAED Prof. Waceke Wanjohi, her family members and friends in a group photo during an appreciation Ceremony on 4th October 2019 held in her honor, having served the School of Agriculture as the Dean for eight years (2011-2018)
The Vice Chancellor, Kenyatta University, Prof. Paul Wainaina (center), H.E the Deputy Governor, Kitui County Dr. Gideon Wanthe Nzau (right) and Donkey Project Principal Investigator Dr. Purity Nguhiu goes through Brook East Africa Banner during the project’s inauguration Ceremony at Kitui Campus on 26th September,2019. The Donkey Project is being implemented by Kenyatta University’s SAED in partnership with Brook East Africa.
Permanent Secretary, State Department of Crop Development and Agricultural Research , Prof. Hamadi Boga addressing SAED staff and Postgraduate students during the inaugural Distinguished and Expert Seminar Series (DESS) on 23rd September, 2019 at BSSC. The seminar theme was on “Strategic Agricultural for Kenya’s Development Agenda”.

Dr. Catherine Muui

Catherine Muui0415

Position: Lecturer
Department: Agricultural Science and Technology
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 Nairobi 00100

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