Entry Requirements
The common regulations for admission into the Master’s degrees in the School of Agriculture shall apply. The following shall be eligible for admission into the Masters of Science (Agribusiness Management) program.
i. At least an Upper Second Class Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in Agribusiness, agricultural economics or Agriculture from Kenyatta University or any other institutions recognized by the Kenyatta University senate.
ii. A holder of a second class honours (Lower Division) degrees in the above mentioned areas may be considered on condition that they attained Grade ‘B’ and above in units relevant to their areas of specialization and an evidence of at least two years relevant working experience.


i. The general university examination regulations shall apply
ii. Students enrolled for the Master of Science in Agribusiness Management degree program will be expected to take written examinations on all the taught units.
iii. The written examinations will constitute 60% of the total marks while the continuous assessment tests (CATs) will constitute 40%. Each unit shall be graded out of 100% and the pass mark for each unit shall be 40% of the total marks. These marks shall be translated into literal grades as:
• 70% and above =A
• 60% and above but less than 70% =B
• 50% and above but less than 60% =C
• Below 50% =F (fail)

The designated degree to be awarded will be:
Master of Science in Agribusiness Management

List of Units
Year 1
KCU 801: Research Methods and Scientific Writing
KBT 800: Microeconomics for Agriculture
KBT 801: Macroeconomics for Agriculture
KBT 802: Agricultural and food marketing
KBT 803: Strategic Agribusiness Management
KBT 804: Agribusiness Supply Chain Management
KBT 805: Applied management for agribusiness
KBT806: Institutional and behavioral economics
KBT 807: Consumer Demand Analysis
EES 814: Statistics for Agriculture

Electives (Choose two)
Farm Business Development Option
KBT 808: Advanced Agricultural Project Management
KBT 810: Agricultural Finance and Risk Management
KBT 823: Agribusiness Enterprise Development
KBT 824: Quantitative Methods in Agribusiness management

Trade and Development Option
KBT 808: Advanced Agricultural Project Management
KBT 809: Foundations of Agricultural and Rural Development
KBT 812: Agricultural and food policy analysis
KBT 813: International Agricultural Trade
KBT 850: Thesis – Year 2