Position: Ag Vice-Chancellor
Department: Agricultural Science and Technology
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 Nairobi 00100
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A university Professor with immense knowledge in plant nematology and extensive experience in research, teaching, networking and graduate training. Highly dedicated to improving crop production in smallholder farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa and increasing Africa’s competitiveness in the global arena.
Research Interest
  • Sustainable Management of plant nematode pests (root knot and lesion nematodes) in subsistence farming systems
  • Characterization of nematodes pests of vegetables.
  • Capacity building in plant nematology in the regions Both human and infrastructural at all levels
Conferences attended
  • 1st PACN Congress on Agricultural Productivity, 20 – 23 Nov. 2011; Accra, Ghana
  • Falling Walls Conference – The International Conference on Future Breakthroughs in Science and Society, 8- 9 Nov. 2011; Berlin, Germany
  • 10th African Crop Science Society conference, 10- 13 Oct 2011; Maputo, Mozambique
  • Agro-2011 Inaugural Biennial Conference; 26- 28 Sept 2011 Nairobi Kenya
  • 4th Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) 24 – 26: May 2011. Nairobi, Kenya
  • 20th Symposium Nematology Society of Southern Africa; 16-18 May 2011, Stellenbosch South Africa
  • UniBRAIN in Agribusiness and Innovation Fair; 26-27 Nov 2010; Nairobi Kenya
  • 12th KARI Biennial Conference; 8- 12 Nov 2010; Nairobi Kenya
  • 49th Annual Meeting of the Society of Nematologists; 11- 14 July 2010; Idaho, USA
  • University management Working Retreat; 2- 6th Dec 2009; Mombasa, Kenya
  • Sixth Global Consortium of Higher Education and Research for Agriculture (GCHERA) on Food, Health and Energy: Challenges of sustainable agriculture, 23-27 Nov 2009; Nairobi Kenya
  • Kenya National Academy of Sciences Regional conference on “Evidence Based Advice to Policy” 27 – 28th June 2008 Nairobi Kenya
  • 19th symposium of the Nematological Society of Southern Africa 17 – 21 May 2009; Hazy view, South Africa